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Geiger Avalanche Photodiode Arrays

GPDA-13 is a Geiger Avalanche Photodiode (GPD) array family with 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 pixels with parallel output. Standard pitch size is 100um x 100um. The arrays could be operated in passive quenching mode with the passive quenching resistors added by user. Multi-channel Active Quenching circuits are available from aPeak for  high repetition rate applications. The peak quantum efficiency QEmax = 76% at 580nm, and the spectral bandwidth at 25%xQEmax is 580nm (270nm-850nm). Room temperature typical dark-count rate at 0.5V above the breakdown voltage is 1KHz. Typical timing jitter is 150ps. The GPD array could be ordered windowless for UV applications (but not recommended for field applications), flat windows (borosilicate,fused silica) or fused silica microlens arrays. 


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