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Near Infrared (NIR) RCGPD Focal Plane Arrays (FPA)


RCGPD FPA are resonant cavity GPD arrays (RCGPD) tunned to in the NIR range and assembled with ROIC arrays with integrated drivers.

FPA size is 32x32 pixels and 130umx130um pixel pitch.  RCGPD FPA is available without window, with flat silica window or packaged with microlens arrays Typical quantum efficiency  at 1030nm QE=20%. RCGPD array operation voltage=13V. .

The readout circuit  (ROIC) array smart pixel technology includes at pixel level 1 active quenching circuit, 32 clock tick afterpulsing control, 8-bit counters capable of up/down counting (for background and noise on-chip correction), event memory and shift registers for data out. An on-chip, data read twin-driver allows either full array read or 2X frame rate by enabling serial-parallel read of the two 16x32 sub-arrays. Maximum design clock rate is160MHZ. Typical power at 20MHz and Vcc=2.5V is 3W. Minimum order applies for customized ROIC array specifications. 


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