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SiPM Arrays

GPD64-1000  is a SiPM with 8x8 pixels. Pixel pitch is 1.2mm x 1.2mm and matches WLS Y11 fiber diamater. The peak quantum efficiency of the die is QEmax = 76% at 580nm, and the spectral bandwidth at 25% x QEmax is 580nm (270nm-850nm). Room temperature typical dark-count rate at 0.5V above the breakdown voltage is 1MHz. Four die designs are available trading off dark count rate against quantum efficiency. The GPD array could be ordered windowless for UV applications (not recommended for field applications), flat windows (borosilicate, fused silica), fiberoptic plate or tapered fiber optic plate with 1.3:1 ratio (only 6x6 SiPM pixels are illuminated by the fiber optics taper).

64 Pixel SiPM array (a) windowless for short wavelength/UV detection; (b) packaged with fiber optic plate (c) packaged with fiber optic taper.



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